Annette Lark

Annette Lark MA


Psychodynamic counsellor

Tel:07502 577397
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Types : Adult & Individuals
Locations available: Wokingham and near Twyford.

Experience and qualifications:

I am an experienced  Psychodynamic Counsellor with a  BACP accredited Post Graduate Diploma and MA in Counselling from the University of Reading. I have provided professional counselling to adults and young people from a wide range of backgrounds in Berkshire. I have worked in various settings including the NHS, a GP Practice and charitable organisations. I now work in private practice seeing clients in Wokingham and near Twyford. I also work at No 5, a Counselling agency that provides free counselling to young people in the Reading area.

What I Offer

I provide individual face-to-face therapy for adults. Clients come to me with a wide range of concerns such as going through a crisis or life transition, relationships issues (whether it be with a partner, family or in the workplace), depression, anxiety, abuse, low self worth, loss, bereavement, eating disorders and more. I also have specific training and experience dealing with addiction related issues.

Approach and Orientation

My therapeutic orientation is Psychodynamic, this approach lies directly in between counselling and psychotherapy. Whether it is a recent problem that brings someone to therapy or perhaps earlier life events, Psychodynamic counselling provides a person with the opportunity to talk about difficulties at their own pace in a safe, confidential and non-judgemental space. It can help by:

  • offering support during times of crisis or transition.
  • deepening a persons awareness of themself and their relationships.
  • offering a safe place to speak about thoughts or feelings that are worrying or frightening.
  • making sense of recurrent problems by exploring their links with the past.
  • challenging tendencies to repeat unhelpful patterns of thought and behaviour.
  • clarifying choices and helping resolve old hurts and conflicts.

Philosophy on Counselling and Psychotherapy

I aim to offer an approach that suits the needs of the individual and their situation. Whatever brings you to consider therapy I understand that it can feel like a difficult process but one that I believe can really help people to live fuller, more satisfying lives. The way in which I work enables individuals to understand the nature and root of the problem/s, helping them to move forward and feel differently about themselves. It also offers new ways of thinking and relating to others, provides personal growth and can lead to lasting change in the way a person lives their life. I see individuals short-term to work on something in particular or more longer-term to work on deeper issues that are getting in the way of a person living their life more freely.