Dr Nicole Maclennan | Chartered Counselling Psychologist

Dr Nicole Maclennan

Chartered Counselling Psychologist
Tel : 07939 005961
Email : [email protected]

Types : Adult/individual, couple,Family, Children (9yrs plus)
Alt Locations : Priory(Woking) & St Johns (Woking)
Availability : 9:30-15:00, other times by arrangement.

I currently work with young people (age 9 and above), adults, couples and families.  In addition, I carry out psychological and cognitive assessments.

About me

I qualified as a Psychologist in South Africa in 1996 where I was trained in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy as well as Psychodynamic Psychotherapy.  I am also a qualified hypnotherapist. Upon qualification I started working in private practice with adults, children and families.  In addition,  I headed up an assessment team that was involved in assessments of children, adolescents and adults for various purposes including educational, emotional and forensic.  I started working in the United Kingdom in January 2001. I work in various locations.


My therapeutic approach is integrative tailoring the therapeutic intervention in accordance with what each client needs.  Initially the therapy tends to be solution focused and based within an Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy framework in order to help the client manage the distressing symptoms they may be experiencing.  When the client is able, more exploratory and psychodynamic work is engaged in. I also incorporate hypnotherapy when it is beneficial.  The time frame of the work is tailored to each client.