Mark Stancombe Psychotherapist

Mark Stancombe Msc


Tel : (Office) 01252 879120 / (Mobile) 07787 291706
Email : [email protected]

Types : Individual, couples, children and adults
Alt Locations : on request
Availability : Wednesday 5-9pm, other times by arrangement.

I have been working in private practice with adult clients as well as within the charitable sector for 10+ years as well as in business and education helping organisations develop the skills of their own people. I have published research that was presented at the BACP annual research conference in 2015 and I am a tutor on a degree course for trainee therapists. In addition, I run workshops on trauma and self-help around the UK for organisations whose staff are exposed to working with other people’s physical and emotional challenges

What I Offer

I am available to work with individuals and organisations either on a 1:1 basis or in groups

Approach and orientation

My approach to therapy is very simple. I see us as a team where my client is the one who knows themselves best. My role in the team is to help clients to first express themselves and then to make connections between those thoughts and the feelings expressed, which perhaps are troubling them. Together we will look at them in such a way that they can integrate these thoughts and feelings into their understanding. I do that by listening to them & using my experience and training to help bring into their awareness things that perhaps are invisible to them. If we can achieve this together then they can start to move forward towards a positive outcome. The ‘stuff’ that troubles them won’t necessarily go away but a new understanding of it means that they can recognise it, know it, deal with it and perhaps move past it.

Philosophy on Counselling and Psychotherapy

My philosophy is to help my clients’ help themselves through working collaboratively towards a positive outcome. To listen intently in a non-judgemental manner and to work with them in order to make connections between the feelings and thoughts that are causing them some challenges and then to integrate that insight into my clients’ understanding. The ultimate goal is to develop my client’s greater understanding and to work together towards that positive outcome.